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Homeless sell flowers for Valentine’s Day

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Preparations are underway to buy beautiful flowers in hopes it will end homelessness in Oklahoma.

“We have proteas, snap dragons, wax flower and then three different kinds of eucalyptus,” Jen Semmer, owner of The Plant Shoppe said.

The Curbside Chronicle usually sells magazines on the street. A program to give some sort of income to those experiencing homelessness.

Leading up to Valentine's Day - 50 vendors will sell up to 1,000 bouquets. 100% of the proceeds will go back to their homeless clients.

"To give our vendors an extra product to sell. some extra income, and it just made sense to do flowers," Ranya O'connor, director of the Curbside Chronicle said.

Darnesha Higginbotham - will be selling flowers at one of the two pop up shops they'll have in Oklahoma City.

"It really brings the attention to us vendors for sure," Higginbotham said.

Higginbotham moved to Oklahoma from Houston three years ago. It's been a tough road for her and her now three year old daughter.

"Haven't been able to keep a place. I've been evicted or going to transitional housing or going to a homeless shelter. Sometimes I've lived out of my car."

Higginbotham says her lack of job skills has kept her from getting stable employment.

But things have changed since she started working at the Curbside Chronicle a year and a half ago.

"I've moved from an apartment to a duplex to a house and it's actually helped me out as far as bus fare and keeping a little pocket change,” Higginbotham said.

More good news for Higginbotham, she recently got a call for job interview.

It's a similar story O'Connor sees since starting Curbside Chronicle almost four years ago.

"Just this past year 19 of our vendors with Curbside were able to transition out of homeless and into housing,” O’connor said.

Sending love to your valentine and to the homeless community one flower at a time.

The Curbside Chronicle says they couldn't have done this effort without the help of the Plant Shoppe.

The pop up shops will be at Leadership Square and in the Plaza District starting tomorrow as well as on streets in Oklahoma City.

Click here for more information and when you can purchase flowers.