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“I fear for all of the other people affected by this,” Oklahomans band together at no ban, no wall rally

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OKLAHOMA CITY - People across Oklahoma came together Friday outside the state capitol to say no ban, no wall.

“I just wanted to protest the injustice that is caused by the ban. So many doctors, and PhD students have lost their ability to come to the U.S.," said Ana Zadeh.

Holding a sign, Zadeh stood in solidarity in hopes of changing the mind of President Donald Trump.

“Most of my extended family is abroad in Iran but also I fear for all of the other people affected by this," she said.

Trump signed an executive order placing travel restrictions on seven Muslim majority countries.

And another to build a wall along the Mexican-U.S. border.

A federal appeals court voted to uphold a temporary suspension on the travel restrictions, while Mexico refuses to pay for a wall.

Republicans say the fight is not over.

“There's propensity to have dangerous people leaving those country and coming into our borders,” said Sen. Ralph Shortey (R).

Senator Shortey is among Oklahoma lawmakers who support the president's plans to strengthen the country`s borders, whether that's through a wall or travel restrictions.

“We need to develop a security system that is going to ensure that Americans are safe if we're going to allow people to come in from other countries,” Shortey said.

However, to protesters like Zadeh, she has a message for our state lawmakers.

“I do hope that we are able to convey our message to the Oklahoma state Senators and Representatives that we do not support this ban, we do not support President Trump's actions,” she said.

Their fight doesn't end with today's rally.

Protesters are now urging people to get involved and call their lawmakers to tell them -- no ban no wall.