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Man accused of double murder at Del City business pleads not guilty

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DEL CITY, Okla. – A man accused of murdering two people inside a Del City business has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

On Jan. 23, officers with the Del City Police Department were called to the Laundry Station after a customer stumbled upon a gruesome scene.

“It looks like a robbery. Two victims on the floor. I just walked in,” the witness told dispatchers.

When authorities arrived at the business, they discovered the bodies of 60-year-old Russ Roberts and Nekia Jackson.

Investigators said Nekia was working as the day manager at the Laundry Station when the suspect likely tried to rob her.

“I always was uneasy with her, because she opens, and it would be dark, and it would be like six and she was punctual. And, she had a couple of times she would come to work and stuff would be broken and windows cracked, and they don’t keep money in here,” Horace Jackson, Nekia’s father, told NewsChannel 4.

Police said she was being robbed at gunpoint when Roberts, who was a customer at the business, tried to help her.

“Altercation occurred inside the drop office there. The customer that was inside attempted to assist her to help her out, and both of them were shot in the process,” said Captain Ted Kleber, with the Del City Police Department.

Authorities poured over surveillance video from the business in order to find a link to the suspect.

“While the suspect is fighting with Jackson, Russ Roberts who was inside the main store washing his clothes, comes in and attempts to grab the suspect off of Jackson. During this altercation, Roberts is shot multiple time(s) and drops to the floor. The suspect then turns his attention back to Jackson and shots her multiple times. The suspect then grabs a green bank bag and store cash and exits the Laundry station leaving behind the white trash bag on the counter top,” the warrant reads.


Last month, authorities arrested Roshaun Jones on two counts of first-degree murder.

This week, Jones pleaded not guilty to the charges and his bail was denied.

He has a preliminary hearing conference scheduled for Thursday, March 2 at 9 a.m.