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Marcum’s Nursery – Curb Appeal

So many times I hear from people, “Hey, I want some curb appeal.”

Curb appeal makes people notice your place. It makes them want to buy your place. It makes them want to do a whole lot of things, but certainly curb appeal adds value to your property.

Trees, shrubs, all those kinds of things out there really do go a long way towards increasing the value. If you’re looking at a blank space that doesn’t have any trees on it compared to one that does, the one that’s going to have more trees on it, it’s going to have more value. It’s going to cost you more and you’re going to sell it for more.

So keep in mind to make the plants work for you in the right way. Choose the right ones. And whenever you need some help, bring your pictures in. We can start off with a big plan or a just a small plan but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Good luck out there in the landscape world.

I’m Monty Marcum with Marcum’s Nursery. Our company is proud to be the gardening expert for KFOR.

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