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Marcum’s Nursery – The fifteen year practical plan

Whenever we’re looking at landscaping design, one of the first things I always look at besides drainage is the practicality of it. You know, you want to be practical.
You want it to work for you for a long time. And one thing I talk to customers about is the fifteen year plan.

Most the time, around the foundation of a house or something like that is that it’s got about fifteen years before some of those shrubs start to outgrow themselves and it gets a little bit too big and honestly it needs to be redone. It doesn’t mean you have to redo the whole thing but you can leave some of the plants there but some of them after fifteen years are going to need to be looked at.

So, keep in mind that landscaping is not something that lasts forever to put that fifteen year plan. We’ll talk about that more later, but good luck out there in your landscape chores.

I’m Monty Marcum with Marcum’s Nursery. Our company is proud to be the gardening expert for KFOR.

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