Marcum’s Nursery – Trees are your most valuable resource

When it comes to landscape plants, trees are your most valuable resource that you’re going to have in your landscape, so it’s real important that you do the right things to get your trees off to the right start.

We have more trees die because they get over watered than they do because they get under watered. You have to really understand your soil conditions and be able to keep an even watering on that tree and not saturate in poor soil. So it’s impossible to give someone the exact way to take care of and water trees.

Another thing you need to do is be aware and look for insects and bugs.¬†They may be crawling on the trunk or eating on the leaves. And otherwise, just disrupting the normal process in how this tree grows. So make sure you understand what kind of soils you’re in and be watching for insects and problems on that tree.

I’m Monty Marcum with Marcum’s Nursery. Our company is proud to be the gardening expert for KFOR.

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