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Midwest City Football Standout Keeping Promise To Late Dad

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"Y'all ready?”

The hats were put in place, and the phones were out as Evan Fields shifted his focus and future to Arizona State.

With around 40 schools fighting for Fields' fate it tested the teenager before growing into gratitude for him and his family.

“It just came with a lot of attention on me, you know, I had to carry myself a little bit differently, but it’s a blessing,” Evan said. “I’m thankful to be in the position I am.”

“A dream come true for Evan,” Evonnda Fields, Evan’s mother, said. “It’s something he has been wanting since he was a little boy, and it’s very exciting to see him get to this point. I’m very excited for him. It’s a huge blessing.”

“I hope that you’re just looking down, and I’m making you proud,” Evan said.

Of those missing from Field's special signing, his father, Alonzo Fields.

Who showed, and educated Evan on life, and then football from four years old on.

Until he was tragically taken from the Fields family in a car accident.

That's when at age ten Evan wrote the man he called ‘Superman' a note to help him carry on.

“When my dad had passed I made him a promise that I was going to be successful, and I told him I’d get to the NFL,” Evan said. “This is just one step. It’s just one part of it. It’s a big step, but it’s not even being close to being done yet."

Always there for part of that process was Evan's mother, Evonnda, but sometimes her son is there to show her the way too.

“Evan is special,” Evonnda said. “I admire my own child. He is very humble, very peaceful. Not a man of very man words, but his presence is stronger than his voice. I’m just very proud of Evan. He’s going to be a great man.”

“She’s means everything,” Evan said. “She’s been taking care of us all by herself ever since he’s been gone, and she’s done more than a great job. She’s been amazing, and I’m so thankful for it."

Despite experiencing life's ups, and downs at such an early age; Evan's impact far reaches from just the football field.

“He’s one of those guys that people will be talking about in the streets of Midwest City for the next 20 years,” Jason Sexton, Midwest City High School assistant football coach, said. “He’s become kind of a Midwest City legend for the violent athlete that he was, and for the gentle giant that he is in the community."

Just as pen connects to paper.

Alonzo's inseparable from Field's character carrying forward.

"He just showed me how to be a God fearing man, a good husband, a good father so just instilled good leadership roles into me.” Evan said. “I’m so thankful for those ten years. Every night before I go to sleep I thank God for the time he allowed me to spend with that great man."