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Using disability to advantage: This OKC photographer has a unique way of seeing his world.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Most photographers learn to see their world through one eye, through the frame of a viewfinder in their camera.

A manual focus through a zoom lens tends to sharpen perspective on one thing leaving the rest of the picture to blur.

"Anything I'm seeing I'm really seeing out of my right eye, any details" says photographer Zachary Burns.

For Burns that kind of focus and blur exist in the viewfinder of his own vision too.

He's legally blind in his left eye and has been going back as far as he can recall.

"Honestly, it took me a long time, probably kindergarten or first grade till I really thought about the fact that other people don't see this way," he says.

He first picked up a camera in high school, then majored in Photography at Oklahoma City University.

As an artist he spent a lot of time playing with his very different way of seeing things.

Burns produced a whole series of photographs taken with this stereographic camera.

The left image is blurry, the one on the right is clear.

His audiences would look at them through special viewers to see what he's become so used to seeing.

"It's a unique way of seeing that people with normal vision just don't think about how there are, physically, different ways to see things."

'Learn the rule. Break the rule'.

Surely if you're legally blind in one eye then a career photography would be out of the question.

Surely an out of focus image couldn't be considered art.

Zachary Burns flipped conventional rules and, like any artist, put his own, unique perspective on paper.

What he sees you can see too, a beautiful world brought into unique focus.

Burns is Current Studio's Artist of the Month for February, 2017.

To see more of his work go to http://www.lefteyeburns.com