As the horses return to Remington Park the Shults Twins come home.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- They were both in a race to be the first this year.

Duke Shults and his younger brother by three minutes Ryan were in a friendly competition to see who could bring in the first quarter horses to the Remington Park barns.

"I'm only fifteen minutes away," laughs Ryan.

"Yeah," chuckles Duke. "That's all he had to come in."

They're both trainers now but their history with Remington goes back to the track's beginnings in 1988.

Just ask their mom, veterinarian Jill Mixer.

"The first meet in '88," she recalls, "I took them in carriers. They were three months old."

They grew up at race tracks all over the region, but the big dirt pile behind the barns was truly home.

Cleaning out stalls for a dollar each was big money.

"We were five and six years old," says Ryan. "They'd give us 2 or 3 dollars to scrub saddles. We were in heaven. We'd go to the snack bar and get a bag of chips."

Knowing every horse and trainer was their education.

"All we've ever known is the race track," says Duke.

Dr. Jill and her husband Robert at their ranch in Edmond, Ryan and Duke too, are all in the race horse business these days, something they couldn't have predicted a few years back.

Duke thought he might become a vet like his mom.

Ryan wanted to be a lawyer.

"When I left for college I told my mom I'm never feeding another horse again," laughs Ryan. "The family still gives me crap for saying that."

Duke was the first to quit college and start training horses.

Ryan was next.

Over the past couple of years both have used their life long training to their advantage.

Duke's horse Coronas First Diva won the Oklahoma Futurity last year.

"It's my life," he says.

The one thing they haven't done here yet is race against each other as trainers.

This Valentine's Day they will both be at the track.

Who knows, Mom might be too, nurturing a love for horse that appears to be in their spirited blood.

The Remington Park quarter horse season begins March 10, 2017.

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