Notification card raising eyebrows around town

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There are concerns over a notification card showing up in mailboxes around town.

Duane Tutor asked the In Your Corner team to look into things.

At first glance it looks like it could be from your car's manufacturer.

We know they're trying to sell you an extended warranty for your car or truck.

Duane says the notice makes it sound as if your warranty expired and it's urgent you act now.

“We don't need to be giving other people our VIN number in the first place,” Duane said.

The company behind the notice is National Vehicle Protection Services out of the St. Louis area. 

They are a marketing company with more than 60 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.

Their postcard looks a lot like the ones we've reported on before.

It appears there are number of companies in the St. Louis area using similar marketing tactics. 

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • Read the terms and conditions so you know what exactly you are getting because the warranty service could run you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.
  • There is also a chance your mechanic might not even honor the warranty.

“Best advice on this to me is glance at it and then trash it,” Duane said. “Just don't get involved with it.