“It just makes you angry,” Owner speaks out after business targeted multiple times

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NEWCASTLE, Okla. – Mechanic Daniel Pittman said staying in business is hard enough and he doesn’t need help from thieves.

“That’s money that I needed for my family that now has gone towards customers’ vehicles that have been tore up by a deadbeat on the street,” Pittman said.

He’s owned his shop along Highway 37 for 25 years.

Pittman said it’s been decades of loss and he has more stories than he can count.

“They took the hood. They took the stereo system, the seats. They took the wheels, tires,” he said.

But, it was an incident back in 2015 he said cost him a lot of money.

He said a man vandalized several cars that belong to customers and stole their belongings.

Like many other incidents, he said he had to pay for the damage himself and called the Newcastle police.

“In 25 years of being here and 25 years of making complaints and reports, nothing has ever happened,” he said.

We reached out to the Newcastle Police chief, and he said the case had been turned over to the McClain County Sheriff’s Department.

A detective told us the case is still open but the department has been busy with more high-profile cases lately.

However, after we made the call, the detective called Pittman to tell him he’s still working on it.

Pittman just hopes an arrest happens before a statute of limitations expires.

The detective said he will look into the statute and, if the deadline is approaching, he will try and expedite the investigation.

He also said no arrests have been made because the district attorney has requested additional evidence that needs to be gathered.

Pittman said he’s given up on calling the police and just hopes the crooks don’t put him out of business.

“It just makes you angry, angry for the town, angry for the people," he said.

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