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29th Street Dental Care: How are dental instruments sterilized?

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So there’s been a lot of questions lately about sterilization techniques and about dental offices being clean. In the past and present, dentistry is one of the most trusted professions there are. It really comes down to trust, because when patients come here we kind of have an open door policy from this standpoint. We’re very, very open with our sterilization techniques. We’re very concerned about cross contamination. I am concerned about the health of my employees and the health and well being of my patients. And being worried about cross contamination we are always open to showing our patients everything. We pre-clean stuff before we clean stuff and then we sterilize it at hospital grade standards. And when patients come in and ask questions about our office, number one, you should feel comfortable asking those tough questions because I encourage you on it. I want patients to feel completely comforatable. So when you come here, we’re going to give you a tour of the office and we’re going to show you everything about our practice including our sterilization procedures, our sterilization room and how we make this a very, very safe place.

So when you come here as a patient I want your fears to be put at ease. I want you to know that you’re going to be treated very, very greatly, we’re going to listen to your needs and you’re going to be treated in an environment that is safe and that is clean.

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