Caught on Camera: Thieves stealing from a beloved metro business

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YUKON, Okla. - Two men were caught on camera stealing from a metro business, and police want your help to track down the suspects.

One Faith Boutique has become a beloved store in Yukon and beyond.

"We built this with ministry in mind with giving, giving to the community," Owner Craig Davis said.

Giving is obviously something a couple of folks did not have in mind when they decided to take hundreds of dollars’ worth of copper from Davis’ store.

"Like, for two hours they were by themselves," Davis said.

Well, they were not totally alone.

As they were lurking behind the store, next door, a surveillance camera was right there with them.

Davis watched the video and said at one point you can see them pull a strand of copper in plain view.

In the process two electrical boxes were damaged.

Davis said to replace them will cost around $4,000 dollars.

It is money and time that will slow down the upstairs expansion of his store.

"Yea it did a lot of damage, but ultimately we'll pick up and move on," Davis said.

He said he has already forgiven the thieves, but is still disappointed.

"I'm not sure why people don't use their talents to do something else. Like a job or something," Davis said.

For anyone who has stolen he hopes they will hear him out.

"If you are jobless, homeless, need money it's a lot easier to ask people. I bet you you'd find how people have big hearts and would give rather than you having to come take it yourself," Davis said.

Police said this is the only business they know of that was targeted in the area.

Investigators think it may have been someone who knows about the store’s remodel.

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