Documents: Town built fence across driveway to ‘protect borders’

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POCASSET, Okla. - A town that constructed a fence directly across a long-time resident's driveway did so to protect its own property, according to documents provided to NewsChannel 4.

The town of Pocasset put the chain link across Homer Hulme's property a few months ago, which Hulme claimed was retribution for a long-running feud.

The fence forced Hulme to enter his property by way of another parcel, which he also owns.

The town's actions blocked an entry point Hulme said had remained open for 60 years.

According to town and county documents, the problem seems to center on trees Hulme had planted alongside the driveway.

"The trees were planted on the town's property," Pocasset Town Attorney Jeromy Brown told the Grady County Commissioners. "The major problem is the water lines have gotten crushed."

"The Town of Pocasset wants to build a fence to protect the utilities and borders," he said, according to the minutes.

The town asked Hulme to remove the trees in September 2015, according to the documents, so it could place fencing that matches the chain link on the other sides of its property, which holds the town hall and community center.

Documents also show the town advised Hulme in August 2016 it would be taking down his fence and putting up a new fence.

Hulme is working on a lawsuit against the town of Pocasset and its water board.

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