Man facing $50 ticket for obscene car decal

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A Metro police officer recently cited a driver for what he called an obscene bumper sticker. (2-13-17)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – What started as a joke is likely going to cost one Tennessee man a few bucks.

Dustin Owens told WSMV that his brother ordered a car decal as a joke and put it on his SUV while he was sleeping one night.

When he saw the decal, he thought it was funny so he decided it could stay.

However, he had no idea he would eventually be cited for it.

“I was just shocked. I was like, ‘Why?” Owens said.

On Friday, Owens was driving home from work when he was stopped and given a citation for an obscene bumper sticker.

“I mean you can have a sign in the middle of the road with cuss words all over it, protesting and there’s nothing they could do, and I can’t have this?” he said.

According to WSMV, it is illegal in Tennessee to have an obscene or offensive bumper sticker, window signs or markings on cars.

He is now facing a $50 ticket and a 45 day time limit to have the decal removed.

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