Oklahoma bus driver goes the extra mile to make Valentine’s Day bright for student

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EDMOND, Okla. - A bus driver for the Deer Creek school district went the extra mile to make sure a student had Valentine's Day cards for his class.

Jim Newton has been driving a bus for the Deer Creek school district for about 14 years.

"What I love about this job is being with the children,” Newton said.

Jack Collison, a 3rd grade student, is on Newton’s route.

On Valentine’s Day, he forgot something very important at home.

"He comes running up to the bus behind me and says 'I forgot my Valentine's. Can I go back to my house and get them?' So, I said sure,” Newton said.

When they got there, his parents were already gone and the house was locked up.

"So, we went around and finished the bus route. Well, I didn't say anything to him, but I thought, as I was doing the bus route, I'd just go get him some Valentine's cards and bring them to the school, and that's what I did,” Newton said.

Jack’s mom, Kerri Collison, took to Facebook to share about the good deed, and dozens of other parents started commenting with similar stories about Newton.

"He cares about all of us, and it just means a lot,” Jack said.

"It was just something I wanted to do so that he could be included with his classmates and not feel left out,” Newton said.

Jack’s mom was almost brought to tears.

She said she is thankful to see a district employee go above and beyond for the kids.

"I was like aw. I mean, it's special. It's Valentine's Day, and I thought this is what real love is about. I mean, he cares about these children. He loves them, and that he went out of his way to purchase cards with his own money and take them back to the school, it was very touching,” Kerri said.

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