Family waiting for justice after baby allegedly abused at daycare

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. - Almost a year after an infant was allegedly abused at daycare, his family is still waiting for justice to be served.

"You don't ever think that you're going to drop your kid off at a safe place and then have them harmed,” said Marissa Venable.

Fighting back tears, Marissa takes us back to the horrific day.

"I just remember hanging up the phone after what my mom had told me, and I remember crying and, then, after that, I don't remember. I was so overwhelmed with what my mom had just told me, I blacked out,” Marissa said.

Just a few hours after Marissa’s sister dropped the 4-month-old off at Sunny Day Preschool in May of 2016, she got a terrifying phone call from the daycare.

"Bryson was gray, not moving. I remember watching the EMT thumping his foot trying to get some kind of response and there was none,” said Pam Venable, Bryson’s grandmother.

At first, it didn’t look good.

"The doctor came back in there and said this was un-accidental trauma to the head. And, I watched my daughter crumble to the floor,” Pam said.

It was a case of shaken baby syndrome.

Bryson spent two weeks in the hospital recovering.

Doctors told the family there was a chance he may never be able to see again.

"The amount of damage that was done would be like dropping somebody face first on concrete from two stories high. That's how much blood was in his eyes,” Marissa said.

Almost a year later, Bryson’s family is counting their blessings.

They’re thankful he’s doing well.

However, doctors believe there’s a chance he could suffer seizures for the rest of his life.

"He could be 10 years old and have his first seizure, and they won't stop or they could stop - one and done or, you know, multiple,” Marissa said.

DHS investigated back in May, and the daycare was closed.

The DHS report lists multiple violations including an unreported injury to a child and a child leaving the facility unsupervised.

According to the family, criminal charges have never been filed.

The family said police told them there wasn’t enough evidence.

Family members tell NewsChannel 4 they’re ready to see justice served.

"We watched Bryson struggle and fight for his life,” Marissa said.

"It was intentional, and we just want justice for Bryson,” Pam said.

Another daycare has now opened at Sunny Day’s previous location, but there is no affiliation to the previous owners.

We've reached out to the Holdenville Police Department for more information about the investigation.

We have not yet heard back.