High-tech cycling studio opens in Classen Curve

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's the newest fitness concept in Oklahoma: a spin class with a twist, called CycleBar.

"We've got the Cycle Theater. It's a theater type setting. It's a dark room. We have a state of the art sound system," said owner of CycleBar in Oklahoma City Kristin Allen.

CycleBar has locations all over the country, but it's the first one in the state.

It just opened Thursday but, already, classes are filling up.

"I've been to other cycle classes, but this one's unique, because all the bikes have GPS and, when you're turning, it will tell you where you're at," Allen said.

Each ride is geared with technology that tracks your calorie burn, speed and power.

"We have flash stats and run races and have competitions, or the screens can be used to just play music videos," Allen said.

If you’re shy, you can opt out of displaying your stats.

Another twist? The weight lifting component using a weighted bar.

"And, it's four minutes straight. You don't let your arms down," said Kandyce Cudjo, CycleBar instructor.

On special occasions, a live DJ will be brought in to "free your mind" from the burn you'll probably feel.

"We warm you up, and it's a fun song sort of chill and, then, as we progress through the workout, we get a little bit more energized, a little more sprints,” Cudjo said.

It's in Oklahoma City's Classen Curve, a destination with plenty of fitness options from Red Coyote Running and Fitness to Barre3 and Lululemon.

"It's kind of the Four Seasons of fitness. I mean, it's a very quality workout experience and, so, we wanted to be in a premium location, and we feel like this was the best fit," Allen said - a vigorous way to keep those New Year's resolutions on track.

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