“I really don’t think this is a funny topic,” Controversial gun bill debate sparks laughter

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A bill that would allow you to carry a loaded handgun in your car without a license passed out of committee Wednesday.

The debate, believe it or not, led to laughter.

“I have a hard time seeing Jesus saying, ‘yep, carry a gun,’” Rep. Emily Virgin said in the debate.

An audio recording captured the exchange between representatives Jeff Coody and Emily Virgin.

Rep. Coody was introducing his bill that would allow people to carry loaded handguns in their vehicles without a permit.

Coody said it’s his God-given right to carry a gun.

“I’m certainly not an expert on scripture, but where is it in the Bible that it is a God-given right to carry a gun?” Virgin asked.

“Well, since guns weren't invented when the bible was written, I would have to refer you to Luke chapter 22 where Jesus himself told Peter that if he has a sword, take it with him,” Rep. Coody said.

Some, like Rev. Lori Walke of Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ, were offended.

“I don’t know what Bible he’s reading but mine calls Jesus the Prince of Peace, not the prince of pistols. I strongly encourage him to shore up his constitutional argument because he does not have a scriptural one,” Rev. Walke said.

Thursday, Coody defended his position with us.

“Even though the Bible doesn’t specifically address guns, a lot of people want to know, well what did Jesus say about weapons? God expects us to defend ourselves,” Rep. Coody said.

Rep. Virgin argued against the bill, citing Oklahoma’s high rate of domestic violence.

“I really don`t think this is a funny topic,” Rep. Virgin said.

But the laughter in the room didn’t stop.

“I guarantee you that with more guns in society, more women will be killed by their domestic abusers, and while you sit here and laugh and talk about hunting and all of these other things, it`s not a funny topic,” Rep. Virgin said.

“It did get a little bit funny. I really didn’t mean it to. I guess that was in the moment there,” Rep. Coody told Newschannel 4.

“If you’re going to use your religious beliefs to bolster your argument, I hope it is to protect the least of these, to serve the least of these, and not to promote violence,” Rev. Walke said.

The bill passed out of committee 11-4.

Click here to read the bill here.

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