“It was really unusual,” Norman firefighters discover painting after fire

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NORMAN, Okla. - Fire crews were rushing Sunday night to put out a large brush fire in Lora Cooper's Norman neighborhood.

“We stepped outside and, out behind the houses back there, we starting seeing a lot of smoke, and then it turned really bright orange and a few more fire trucks came,” Cooper said.

Crews put the fire out pretty quickly.

But, once the smoke cleared, all that was left was a charred field and a very large colorful painting.

“It was the sheer size of the painting and the area that it was recovered in, it was really unusual,” said Norman fire investigator David Randolph.

Randolph said his first thought when he saw the at least 7-foot piece of art was to return the painting to its rightful owners.

“It's obviously the size and the nature of it, time, effort and energy, it's very important to someone,” he said.

Randolph hopes if he finds the owner he might learn more about the fire, too.

“And, find out whose art this was and the reason why it ended up at where it was, it helps me get the pieces to the puzzle I need to complete my case,” he said.

The painting was damaged in the blaze.

But, Randolph thinks one detail can help him solve the unique case.

“The only thing we have at this time as a lead is the initials on the painting itself: B.A. 94,” he said.

Neighbors hope fire investigators can solve the mystery, as well.

“I think that's neat. I hope they find the owner,” Cooper said.

If you have information regarding the painting or its owner, please contact Randolph at 405-226-0034.

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