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“Momma’s coming home tonight,” Oklahoma store clerk fights back against would-be robber

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Clerk stops robbery attempt in Springer convenience store

CARTER COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma store clerk dashed the hopes of a would-be thief because of her knowledge of guns.

“I heard the door open and I said, ‘Hello?’ And he said, ‘This is a stick up, give me all your money.’ I said, ‘Dude you’re crazy,’ I recognized his voice because he’s a regular,” says store clerk Misty Bearden.

Bearden told KXII that she was terrified, but then noticed something about the long rifle the alleged thief was holding.

“I looked at the gun and I realized the gun wasn’t going to shoot and so I was like, ‘You’re not getting the money.’ I was raised around guns and so I know gun safety and gun care. This gun was rusted and he couldn’t get it to load, so I had a feeling he didn’t even know how to use the weapon,” said Bearden.

At that point, Bearden grabbed the store phone to call for help. However, the suspect pulled it out of her hand.

She then tried to call for help on her cell phone, but that was knocked away too.

“I was livid,” Bearden said. “I have two kids and momma’s coming home tonight.”

Surveillance video shows the alleged suspect grabbing at Bearden and knocking over several displays on the counter before making a dash for the door.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant encourages people to not fight back, but is happy no one was hurt in this case.