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Oklahoma couple furious after missing dog is poisoned

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Coalgate couple angry after dogs poisoned

COALGATE, Okla. – An Oklahoma couple says they are furious after two of their dogs were poisoned.

Earlier this week, Michael Cummins says he and his wife’s pet husky went missing.

Two days later, Cummins said their dog showed up on their front porch during a thunderstorm with its eyes red and swollen.

“He could not walk, so I don’t know how a dry dog that’s been missing for two days shows up,” Cummins said.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian, who told the couple that he had been poisoned with rat poison.

Cummins says another of their puppies also tested positive for rat poison, along with a neighbor’s dog.

Kayla Robson told KXII that she found a stranger in their backyard after their dog disappeared.

She says she called police, but the man was gone before they arrived.

Now, the dogs are undergoing treatment to heal from the poison, and Coalgate police are investigating the case.