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Teen hoping to break family cycle of going into state custody

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OKLAHOMA - Alex has spent much of his childhood under DHS custody and that means lots of moving around.

He lives with more than 40 other boys now.

When we met him, he was able to turn one of his favorite pastimes into a fierce competition at the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County.

"That's straight up luck. You know you could never make that shot,” Alex said.

A billiard game at the Boys and Girls Club for this skilled player.

Alex plays pool all the time at the group home where he lives.

And when he's not doing that, this 14-year-old is dreaming of a career in music.

"If I can, I want to be a rock star," he said.

He loves the American Christian band Skillet and would love to be a singer and guitarist.

He's even picked out his favorite guitar.

"The color for it would probably be all red. All red and black and it would probably have a white cross with a heart in the middle of it and an arrow going through it,” Alex said.

In the meantime, he also enjoys reading about his favorite superheroes.

"If I had to go for a Marvel character, I'd have two of them. Earth Shatter or Wolverine," he said.

Batman is also a favorite, and he learned some skills from watching Christian Bale tackle the character.

"I can talk in a Batman voice. You really want to hear it? I'm Batman."

Alex went into DHS custody six years ago.

Since then it's been a series of failed adoptions and different homes.

Sadly, it's something his own mother experienced as a child as well.

"It runs through my whole entire family and I'm trying to stop it,” Alex said.

That's one of the reasons he wants to find a family, but not the only reason.

"So I can have a family and somebody would care for me."

He wants a family who goes to church.

"A Christian family. A family that can help me out with my problems and take care of me."

He has this message for any viewers looking to adopt a teenager.

"For all the people out there I just care for everybody in the world. No matter if they're bad, good, both. I care for everybody,” he said.

A loving teen who just needs a place to call home.

Click here for more information on adopting a child or call 405-767-2955.

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