An Oklahoma City fast food icon turns 50

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Why is the road to salvation always so narrow?

The line of hungry people stretching out the door to Tacoville might wonder if it didn't move quite as fast as it does.

"We're blessed," says second generation owner Nadia Harrington. "We're very busy daily."

Tacoville isn't a town, but it is a capitol.

It's isn't fancy, but it's cheap.

No one lives here, but its population explodes at lunchtime.

Nadia was born at Tacoville, or more accurately, born into this small business her father bought in 1980 after graduating from business school.

"He was looking to be self-employed," says Harrington. "He'd just graduated with his MBA. He found this restaurant and it worked out. Luckily we've been here ever since."

You can look around and plainly see it hasn't changed much.

Then again you don't mess with success.

It's Mexican food served warm and fast.

A taco still costs less than $1.30, a cold beer $1.60.

Customers can get in and out in a half-hour and for less than $5.

It's simple, and it still works.

"Very consistent," says Harrington. "The same thing you get today is the same thing you would have gotten 50 years ago. It's going to taste the same."

There are customers who started coming in here in the '60's and who are still regulars.

Verna Hall started working the cash register 26 years ago and still lives close enough to walk to work every day.

Nadia's dad may be gone but this generation was smart enough to keep the best traditions alive.

Remodel? No way.

Change the menu? Uh Uh.

Keep the prices low and invite as many people to Tacoville as will fit.

The South Side's capitol of fast mex is 50 this year and, thankfully, hasn't changed a bit.

Tacoville is open Tuesday through Saturday at 3502 Newcastle Road.

For more information about the menu and hours of operation go to

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