Oklahoma police warning callers about confronting disabled drivers over parking spaces

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Police say they've received reports related to folks confronting drivers over where they parked.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – You’ve probably heard about it a time or two- someone being shamed for parking in a handicapped parking space.

In December, an Oklahoma mother says she arrived to her car to find a rude note, accusing her of using the space without actually having a disability. However, the writer didn’t know that her son she was carrying needs a wheelchair to get around, but the wheelchair was being cleaned.

Now, one local police department says it is warning people to not be so quick to judge others.

Broken Arrow police tell FOX 23 they’ve received at least seven calls from people who think others are taking advantage of handicapped parking spaces.

In each of those cases, officers say the cars had handicapped placards but the callers still believed they were faking.

In fact, authorities say one caller even went as far as to confront one of the drivers.

Police say just because someone doesn’t look disabled doesn’t mean that they are actually faking.

“I think the issue that people are having is that they can’t see the disability,” said Officer James Koch, with the Broken Arrow Police Department.

A handicapped placard can be used if the driver or the passenger has a disability.

Now, police say some people with disabilities are concerned about parking in a handicapped spot because they fear they will be harassed.

Drivers without a handicap tag can be ticketed.

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