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‘We’re family,’ Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon brings people from across the state together

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OKLAHOMA CITY - We are about two months away from the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon!

The event is gathering people not only from Oklahoma City, but from other towns as well.

"We're family, Oklahomans are family. The importance of the marathon to Tulsans is quite simply this: Tulsa is very much a running community. Tulsans love to be a part of that Oklahoma City event and it`s the literal and figurative hugs, high fives, we`re going to be okay. I feel embraced on a big runner hug down there," said Robert Babcock.

Patty Powell, who plans to attend too, says many Tulsans participate in the event.

"We're always supported there. There`s so many Tulsans that take part in the race. The memorial is for a good reason so Tulsa should be a part of it. We have a large group that we train every year to go to the Oklahoma City Marathon," she said. "Oklahoma City goes all out to make it a pleasant weekend and a great experience."

Many who plan to attend agree that it doesn't make a difference where you come from.

"Regardless of whether you are from Tulsa or Oklahoma City, the meaning touches all of Oklahoma. You feel like you are part of the community, you are part of the one event that`s going on that day. It`s nice to be able to go back and give back to the state," said Clint Gibson.

Oklahomans coming together for a good cause and to pay tribute to those who lost their lives.

"When something like what happened there happens, it happens to all of us. People want to feel solidarity. They want to feel like we are moving forward," said Deborah Hunter.

"We own this. Every year it forces us to keep going and it reinforces that resilience. I`m part of that mission to keeping the hope and the memory alive of what went on that day," said Babcock. "The spirit, the energy that you have is as good or better than any national race that I go to. The neighborhood support could not be better."

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is April 30, 2017.

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