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Oklahoma elementary school spotlighted for teaching technology

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OKLAHOMA CITY--Technology is part of daily life.

Who doesn't have a cellphone or computer?

Who creates the apps, programs or the next big technology breakthrough?

One Oklahoma City elementary school wants its students to be at the forefront of that group.

The students at Kaiser Elementary School are learning to become the next generation of scientists, inventors and engineers.

Inside Kimberly Moore's fifth grade class, her students are learning those key skills to put them on that track.

“They learn how to problem solve. They learn how to work together. And to create projects that are reflective of real world examples,” said Kimberly Moore.

On the day KFOR was visiting the class, the lesson was about how to measure something when you do not have a ruler.

“Well you sometimes use your fingers, your thumbs, your feet, your hands and things you can find around the room,” said 5th grader Jimena Martinez

Kaiser puts a focus on STEM curriculum which is science, technology, engineering and math to inspire the kids.

“I just like doing the experiments. I really have fun doing those experiments,” said Silvestre Moreno, 5th grade student.

Mary Melon with The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools says Mrs. Moore's 'scientists in the classroom' and programs like it will form successful future leaders.

“She is teaching analytical skills, thinking on your feet, and teamwork. All of which are incredible traits to have as you move through into your working life,” said Mary Melon.

Because of this innovative teacher technique this school was chosen to be part of the KFOR and McDonald's 'What's Right With Our Schools' project.

Fatima Hernandez with McDonald's presented the school with a check for $600.

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