Sooner fans react to quarterback Baker Mayfield’s arrest

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NORMAN, Okla. - Sooner fans are reacting to quarterback Baker Mayfield's arrest.

The athlete was arrested in Fayatteville, Arkansas early Saturday morning.

He was taken into custody for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and fleeing and resisting arrest.

While some fans admitted the types of incidents happen, they just hope he didn't forfeit his future.

“Well, he cost himself I think the Heisman," said Hal Zelanzy. "More than football’s figured in it, so that’s first and foremost.”

“He’s the star quarterback," said Chris Hangsleben. "He probably should have kept it together just a little bit better than that. I mean, I drink. Everybody drinks. It happens, you know?”

Even though it may be an unflattering time for Mayfield, fans don't seem to think all is lost.

“I think he’s young," said Joni Javellas. "He made a poor choice. I would just hope he would think about his choices later so that we can keep him to be a good Sooner quarterback."

“Oh, there’ll be second chances, because it’s not disastrous," Zelanzy said. "But, it’s something that people will remind him of, particularly when he’s playing.”

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