“God brings you to what you need,” Young teen who found her place will soon be adopted

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's been nearly two years since we first featured Taiya. We're happy to report she's about to make her permanent home official and she hopes it will the best birthday gift for her adoptive mother.

"We officially met at the February adoption party last year,” Kim Morgan said.

Since then, these two have become fast friends.

"She was just more centered. I don't know. There was a spirit to her, I guess,” Morgan said.

Soon, they'll officially become mother and daughter, but it almost didn't happen that night.

"She had literally seven or eight families that were constantly chasing her around, vying for her time, and I was giving up,” Morgan said.

"Then we finally got a chance to meet. We sat down, we talked and we engaged in a lot of things. We talked about animals and history and geography, you know, things I'm interested in,” Taiya said.

A new experience for Kim, but not Taiya, who has been under DHS custody for more than eight years.

"To me, it was her personality. A lot of the families were at a nervous state, which was kind of noticeable,” Taiya said.

Since that fateful day one year ago, Taiya's life has changed dramatically. She now lives with Kim and is going to a private school.

"It's changed in a good way. I've met new people,” Taiya said. "Starting track, and I play basketball, did cheer and I play softball."

In her interview in 2015, Taiya only wanted what every child deserves- a family.

"It doesn't matter. Mom, dad, both," she said in 2015. "I wouldn't mind having brothers and sisters. Just somebody to hang out with."

That interview meant a lot to Kim, whose mother recorded our 'A Place to Call Home' segments for Kim while she was on the road for work.

"That was my first time seeing and hearing Taiya, so I was very excited to meet her in person,” Morgan said.

"It's funny how they say, you know, God brings you to what you need," Morgan said.

Kim and Taiya make up their entire household, which means a lot of bonding time.

"A really close friend and mother. Somebody you can look to every day of your life,” Taiya said.

"She means the world to me. Instantly, I had that mother instinct. She's just been a blessing ever since," Morgan said.

And the blessings continue.

Taiya wants to finalize the adoption around Kim's birthday as a special gift for her new mom.

"Finalizing an adoption on someone's birthday would be very important and you know a happy moment in that person's life and in my life too,” Taiya said.

"To me, she's already a part of the family so it's just a matter of a piece of paper at this point,” Morgan said.

A teenager who's finally found her place to call home.

Visit http://www.okdhs.org/ for more information on adopting a child or call 405.767.2955.

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