Oklahoma family wakes to find stranger standing over them

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A man said the suspect was wearing his clothes.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – An Oklahoma family is a little shaken after a bizarre break-in at their Broken Arrow home.

Adam James told FOX 23 that he awoke to find a stranger standing near his bed, and he noticed that the man was wearing his clothes.

“It was unsettling, a little,” James said.

James says he would have reached for his gun, but quickly noticed that the stranger wasn’t there to hurt anyone.

“He was mentally lost in the situation, and then I realized what he was trying to do,” he said.

Police say the stranger, who was identified as 27-year-old Christopher Carr, had picked up a plethora of items that he wanted to steal.

Even after Carr was taken into custody, James says he and his family are still finding bags of their belongings hidden throughout the house.

Investigators determined that Carr broke into one of the vehicles in the driveway, and then got inside the home with a garage door opener that was inside the vehicle.

Carr was arrested on complaints of public intoxication, felony burglary and felony auto burglary.