Update: Remodel job skids to a halt, leaves family in limbo

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UPDATE 8/21/17 - There are new developments in the state’s case against Keith Compton.

He’s the contractor who scammed the Hopkins family out of tens of thousands of dollars on a home remodel job.

A judge recently awarding the Hopkins $81,685.37 to make up for the shoddy and incomplete work. 

Remember, before Compton pleaded guilty to home repair fraud, he tried telling us he was the one who got stiffed.

“They should pay their bills,” he said. “They have not paid a dime.”

What played out in court paints a far different picture.

The Hopkins will start seeing their monthly restitution payments in September and, if Compton misses a payment and violates his probation, a judge could put him back behind bars.

The Hopkins tell the In Your Corner team they are moving forward with repairs and hope to close on their home in the coming weeks.

Update 5/17/17 - Earlier this year, we told you about a displaced Meeker family with a money pit on their hands.

They’re at odds with Oklahoma contractor Keith Compton.

Tuesday, an arrest warrant was issued for Compton after the state charged him with home repair fraud in Lincoln County, again, this time on behalf of the Hopkins family.

Remember, they showed us around their unfinished house, pointing out shoddy work.

“We had to rip the wall off, fix some of the plumbing behind it,” said dad Raymond.

Compton's facing more fraud charges in Lincoln and Hughes counties.

While things shake out in court, things are looking up for the Hopkins.

The family finally moved into their new place, although it's a work in progress. 

Raymond and his brother continue to spend their weekends finishing up repairs.

MEEKER Okla. - The Hopkins family has a big gripe against an Oklahoma contractor with big problems of his own!

Their beef is with Keith Compton of Spartan Elite. 

They hired him to remodel their dream home.

He cashed their checks, did some of the work to their liking but a big chunk they said is either shoddy or just wasn't done!  

“I can point to about $25,000 easy, clear-cut checks that I wrote him for material that we didn't receive,” said Raymond Hopkins.

There is no sign of the stone, windows, kitchen appliances or the supplies to build the fireplace and deck. 

“We don't have the money, even on the labor, getting the kitchen done, there is no way we could afford that with what we have left,” Raymond said. “Basically, me and my brother have been doing the work to save on labor.”

We did some digging into Compton's background.

He's previously been charged in connection to a white-collar crime and other violent offenses, including armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault and battery, although those charges were later dismissed.

Now, there are more allegations tied to his contracting business.

Compton recently went before a judge in Lincoln County.

We know the contractor is accused of home repair fraud in several counties but keeps telling us the accusations have no merit.

“On May 20 something, when I go to court, it's all dropped because I've done nothing wrong,” he said.

Compton went onto say it was the Hopkins family that stiffed him.

“They have not paid a dime,” he said.

That’s not what the evidence shows.

The Hopkins family provided the In Your Corner team with more than a dozen canceled checks, all cashed by Compton to the tune of about $86,000.  

Raymond turned over that evidence to authorities.

Right now, the family of five is living with Raymond's mom.

Wife Jessica is pregnant with their fourth child and barely keeping her head above water.

“I'm in classes full-time too for nursing, trying to take care of that, take care of the kids, their schooling, and this and trying to make sure he doesn't have too much on his chest,” she said.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

A move-in date is right around the corner.

Compton is refusing to refund the family any of their money.

It's up to the Lincoln County District Attorney now whether or not a criminal charge gets filed.

Raymond and Jessica are urging all of us to do our homework before entering into any business agreement with a contractor.