Report: Property owners in Oklahoma County will pay more in taxes due to 2014 traffic fatality blamed on deputy

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY – Property owners in Oklahoma County will pay more in taxes for the next three years due to a 2014 traffic fatality accident blamed on a sheriff’s deputy, a new report states.

On Jan. 27, 2014, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputy Jacob Owen Streeter crashed his patrol car into the back of 66-year-old Robert Porter’s truck.

A lawsuit filed by Porter’s family alleges Streeter was driving 108 mph at the time, without emergency lights or sirens, while typing into his onboard computer.

Streeter was reportedly checking the tag number of another vehicle that had passed him without his lights on, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol investigation determined.

Porter was rushed to a local hospital where he later died.

The deputy was charged with negligent homicide.

After pleading no contest, he was put on probation for two years and fined $250.

According to, the lawsuit filed by Porter’s daughter alleged Streeter was negligent, reckless and not properly trained.

In December, Oklahoma County commissioners voted to settle the lawsuit for $500,000, the Oklahoman reports.

A judge approved the settlement last week.

According to a report from the Oklahoman, the settlement will result in an increase in property taxes in Oklahoma County for three years.

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