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TARENTUM, Pa. – Police in Pennsylvania say a woman fatally shot her husband after arguing about a casserole she burned, then took a photo of the body, texted it to a friend and showered before calling 911.

The Tribune-Review reports that according to court records, Frazer police responding to the call Monday night found 42-year-old Dennis Drum Sr. lying dead on a bed with a gun in his hand.

His wife, 38-year-old Teresa Drum, told officers her husband shot himself after they argued.

Court records say she showed officers the cellphone photo, claiming she sent it to a friend because she didn’t know what to do.

Police say there was no gun in Dennis Drum’s hand in that photo.

According to court records obtained by the Tribune-Review, Drum told Frazer police officers that her husband had shot himself and claimed they had been arguing because she’d drunk his last beer.

Drum reportedly told police her husband pointed the gun at her and it went off when she tried to push it away.

The woman later told police that she and her husband had been fighting about a casserole she burned that night when he started insulting her for her cooking.

According to the Tribune-Review, the woman told police that her husband then pulled out a gun.

She said she and her husband both put their fingers on the gun’s trigger and the gun went off.

That is when she says she took a shower to “rinse off” before calling 911.

Teresa Drum was charged Tuesday with criminal homicide. No attorney information is available.