Former Tulsa County sheriff takes the stand in federal civil rights trial

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TULSA, Okla. – A former Tulsa County sheriff says an inmate who died after five days in the Tulsa Jail in 2011 wasn’t mentally assessed because he was “acting up.”

The Tulsa World reports former Sheriff Stanley Glanz testified Wednesday in a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging 37-year-old Elliott Williams had a broken neck and was ignored by jail staff despite insisting he was paralyzed.

Williams reportedly did not go through jail’s screening process was immediately taken to a holding cell.

Glanz says due to Williams’ behavior, he didn’t have a problem with skipping the evaluation, despite arresting officers reporting that Williams was suicidal.

Not long after being in the cell, another inmate said WIlliams rammed his head into the door and then fell on the ground.

That’s when Williams called for help, telling officers he broke his neck.

Williams went untreated on the floor for more than 10 hours, lying in his own feces.

Glanz said Williams wasn’t on suicide watch, which would mean constant supervision, but that jail staff could observe him at all times.

Williams was arrested on an obstruction complaint.

Glanz resigned in 2015 after being indicted on a misdemeanor charge related to a reserve deputy’s fatal shooting of an unarmed man.

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