Oklahoma mother upset after son gets concussion at school, never contacted by staff

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Says her son was bullied, given concussion and no punishment handed out.

CLAREMORE, Okla. – A mother in Claremore was shocked to find out her son got a concussion at school and was never notified by school officials.

KJRH talked to the mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, and noticed her son had a bump on his head.

The son told her that a group of boys followed him into the bathroom after recess.

“He got me, tackled me to the ground and then he got on me, slammed my head on the ground four times,” the son said.

That’s when the mother took him to the doctor where doctors said he had a concussion.

“I was shocked, you would expect the school to protect your child, and I felt that they did not protect my child,” she told KJRH.

The mother says the school’s only punishment for the boys was taking away their bathroom passes, meaning they would not be able to go in groups anymore.

“He’s suffering and these boys are at school like nothing happened,” mom said.

The mother called the superintendent, and even record a phone call with him.

He claims her son was the aggressor.

“We have two kids that got into a tiff, and we settled it. We didn’t feel like there was a need for any consequence. I mean the school nurse said he didn’t even have a knot on his head,” Sequoyah Public Schools Superintendent Terry Saul told the mother.

Saul said a teacher spoke with each of the boys and claimed her son threatened to bring a gun to school.

Both the mother and son deny the allegation.

The boy is out of school until Monday per doctor’s orders.

The Rogers County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating.