“People still care about the arts,” Oklahoma City high school receives big donation

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The band teacher at Capitol Hill High School had no idea instruments would be heading to her classroom.

Thousands of dollars of brass and woodwinds were donated by the community and given directly to the students.

"Fowler Dodge and Mickey Mantle Steakhouse has donated a bunch of new equipment to you. We just want to say thank you for everything you do for art in the local community,” Chris Branda, with Fowler Dodge, said.

$13,000 worth of instruments given to the high school and it was all requested online.

The principal says this equipment is going to help for years to come.

"We get to provide our kids with quality instruments that will benefit them for the rest of their year and for future groups that come through, middle school and elementary school is just fantastic,” Adam Jewell, Principal, Capitol Hill High School said.

"Zabielle, a brand new tuba for you."

Nearly all of the 65 students in band use school-owned instruments. Some of those are so old, they barely work.

"He's playing on a tuba that only works about half the time," Tristianne Asbury, band teacher, said.

"It just makes me so happy because I don't know. Words can't explain how happy I am right now."

And with a solo and ensemble contest coming up Saturday, the instruments will immediately be put to good use.

"Every time I'm blessed with something like this I don't even have the words to express how great it feels to know that people still care about the arts,” Asbury said.

Fowler Dodge and Mickey Mantle Steakhouse responded to a new on-line program called "partners in action" website.

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