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The Mercantile by the Pioneer Woman gets nearly 6,000 visitors per day, town has less than 3,700

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Ree Drummond

PAWHUSKA , Okla. – Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman, put her heart and soul into her restaurant “The Mercantile.”

According to People Magazine, her hard work is paying off.

The restaurant is located in a town with less than 3,700 people but is getting around 6,000 customers per day.

Sometimes, there has even been 15,000.

The Food Network star opened “The Merc” back in October 2016 and it has taken off ever since.

Lines that run outside of the door are now a daily sight for visitors coming into town or for those who currently live there.

The 25,000 square foot property has two coffee bars, a deli, bakery, and a general store.

“I just looked for things that appealed to me, that appealed to my sense of color and fun,” she told NewsChannel 4 back in November.

Overall, she and her husband are proud of the work that’s been done.

“We’re trying to make it an experience for people who come. I think that’s why we’ve had so much fun,” Ree said. “I’m loving it.”