Caught on cam: Man pretending to be blind holds up bank with fake seeing eye dog

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JACKSONVILLE, Florida - A bizarre bank robbery is caught on camera involving a man pretending to be blind.

The man's so-called seeing eye dog is oblivious to the crime, and seems to think it's all a game, wagging its tail, and acting friendly toward bank customers.

Authorities say Nicholas Humphrey was caught on newly-released surveillance video, slowly walking into the Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville, Florida on December 1st, 2016.

The next two hours were about to become permanently burned into the minds of customer-turned-hostages, as Humphrey is seen drawing a gun from a bucket that he carried into the bank.

A woman in the drive-thru called 911 when she noticed that employees had their hands on their heads.

Eight minutes later, police arrived and a standoff began.

Thirteen people obeyed commands as they were shoveled from room-to-room.

At one point, Humphrey is seen pointing a gun and forcing hostages to their knees with their hands clasped behind their heads.

The SWAT team arrived and a hostage was eventually let go as part of the negotiation.

Authorities say Humphrey was threatening to kill hostages.

A little while later, two hostages made a dash for the door - a woman escaped first, while the man behind her fell at the door and struggled to crawl along the sidewalk.

Eventually, Humphrey is seen at the front of the bank, putting his hands in the air just as SWAT members swarm him.

After two hours of terror, no one was injured and Humphrey was in handcuffs.

Humphrey has pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of kidnapping with a weapon, attempted armed robbery, and grand theft auto for arriving in a stolen vehicle.