Fight at Penn Square Mall scares shoppers

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OKLAHOMA CITY  --  Friday night at the mall wasn't your typical work day for Anthony Clark.
“I was working in my store and out of nowhere all we saw was people from all different directions, running from the food court,” said Clark.

Police say a large fight broke out on the second floor food court inside the mall. Some even thought they heard gunshots.

“I did hear noise. I heard a lot of screaming just panting. Of course you can see everybody bum-rushing elevators and escalators trying to get away,” Clark said.

Hundreds of shoppers scattered. Some hiding in back rooms inside stores in the mall. And taking to social media.

“We have a very strict and like set out plan for emergency procedures. Generally, if you can grab the customers who are walking through the mall, at first sight grab them bring them into the store. Immediately lock the doors and go over to the very back of our stores in your backrooms and stay put, completely silent until further notice from mall security,” Clark said.

Friday night Oklahoma police confirmed to Newschannel 4 that a fight did break out. But the reports of gunfire were false.

“What we were told was there was a few men fighting upstairs there were weapons involved but no one actually got shot.”
Police say one person displayed a stun gun and activated it but did not use it. Three people have been arrested.

OKCPD is actively investigating. Additional people may be charged later.