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“I found out by mistake,” Oklahoma woman claims trusted payee stole thousands from her

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Wishes to warn others before it happens to them as well

KETCHUM, Okla. –┬áVickie Hall says she overheard a phone conversation and immediately knew something wasn’t right.

“I found out by mistake on a phone call,” Hall said. “Had I not found it out, I could never go retrieve it.”

Hall says she was assigned a payee to take care of her money because she has a mental disability, but she had no idea that payee was taking advantage of her situation.

“I had a backpay check of $17,306 that they electronically put in their bank account and I didn’t know about it,” Hall told KJRH.

She says she overheard a conversation about how her backpay check had been transferred to another account.

However, Hall said no one took her claims seriously because of her mental disability.

She went to the Social Security office and obtained proof that the money had been obtained by her payee.

Now, the Claremore District Attorney’s Office is investigating, along with Adult Protective Services.