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Alleged accomplices in Vance manhunt bound over for trial

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The three people suspected of helping the subject of a statewide manhunt, who was later shot and killed in a shootout with police, are bound over for trial.

April Harden, 38; Reginald Moore, 35; and Danny Roach, 35, are charged in connection with helping Michael Vance.

Vance reportedly shot two Wellston police officers before killing two family members and then shooting two more people in separate carjacking incidents.

Vance also shot and wounded the Dewey County sheriff during a traffic stop in Leedey.

Roach, Harden and Moore were arrested for allegedly helping Vance with medical treatment and providing him with weapons.

Court documents said Vance allegedly went to Roach's home on Oklahoma City's south side after killing his two family members, Ronald and Kay Wilkson, who lived in Luther.

Roach, according to the affidavit, knew Vance was on the run from authorities and he admitted he knew about the crime spree which had just begun.

Roach told authorities Vance even went into detail about how he murdered his two relatives.

He said Vance told him he killed Kay “after having been lied to.”

Vance was later shot and killed with Oklahoma State Patrol in Butler.

Harden, Moore and Roach were scheduled to appear before Judge Kevin McCray Friday, but just Harden and Moore appeared. Moore at the defendant's table and Harden on the stand, her testimony in exchange for a deal.

In court, under cross examination, Harden said she made a mistake when she first spoke with authorities. Court documents say Harden - who lived with Roach - said she called Moore to ask his permission to provide Vance an AK-47 Moore had been storing with her and Roach.

But in court Friday, Harden testified she just dialed the phone and handed it off to Roach.

Investigators testified that two different AK-style rifles were used in Vance's spree that ultimately left two dead and four shot, including three law enforcement officers.

Harden testified that Moore sold Vance his rifle in exchange for Vance's original rifle and a pre-paid credit card worth $500.

Judge McCray dropped two charges of accessory to first degree murder, but added two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in connection to Moore's sale and exchange of Vance's first rifle.


Moore entered a not guilty plea. Harden and Roach waived their preliminary hearings; a pretrial hearing for all three is set for May 3.