Oklahoma kindergartner moves company to “tears of joy”

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A'Layah Robinson is a little girl with a giant heart for others.

We featured the former foster child in our Pay it 4Ward segment and had no idea she'd touch so many lives.

Employees at AT&T saw our story and were moved to tears.

"She melts your heart, and I think all of us have shed a few tears of joy. At 6 years old, what were you doing at 6 years old? I wasn't running a charity. This little girl, her heart is big. It just has made an impact in our lives, changes us for the better," said employee Henry Nist.

The employees presented A'layah with a teddy bear and a special basket of goodies for her selfless dedication.

They also presented her with a $500 check to fund her lemonade stands for months to come.

A'Layah said she will spend on more bags, blankets and bibles for foster children.

"I am so excited what they did for me and why they did this. I just thank them so much," she said.

She is a little girl, inspiring others to pay it forward.

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