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Former OU football player uses injury to bless others

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NORMAN, Okla. - Life doesn't always unfold according to our plan.

Corey Wilson came from a family of athletes.

He was embarking on his own journey at the University of Oklahoma, when his dreams took a detour.

In 2009, Corey was driving down I-35, when another car clipped his. His SUV flipped, tossing the talented OU wide receiver 45 feet.

His spinal cord and football carer were crushed. Wilson told NewsChannel 4, "I'm going to walk again. There is no doubt about that. When people ask, I tell them tomorrow."

Corey keeps a remarkably positive attitude.

Months after his accident, he surprised the Sooner Nation by standing and walking onto Owen Field.

Today, he is a mentor and motivational speaker who started the "Find A Way" Foundation.

That's why friend, Kelsey Lee, nominated Corey for Pay It 4Ward.

Lee said, "He inspires everybody to be the best they can be. You don't want to good enough you want to be great. Greatness is what he strives for. Not only his foundation. He's so passionate, but everything in life. His next workout, everything. He strives for greatness."

We recently lured Corey to the beautiful Artesian Hotel for our First Fidelity Bank/Pay It 4Ward surprise.

"We've got a program called Pay It 4Ward, honoring folks who do amazing things. And Kelsey has nominated you," said NewsChannel 4's Lance West.

The "Find A Way" Foundation provides medical equipment, rehabilitation and other live-changing services for folks with spinal cord injuries.

Wilson said, "Goodhearted people want to move on with their life and can't afford it. To be able to help them out like I was helped. I think that's what we are all here for. We are all here to serve and I'm doing my part."

This money will be used to buy wheel chairs for others who can't afford them.

Wilson is also holding his annual fundraiser, "Ball For A Cause" Saturday April 8th.

It's a softball game, held right before OU's annual spring football game in Norman.

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.