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Watch Live: April the Giraffe getting ‘moody’ (who wouldn’t be?)

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HARPURSVILLE, NY — All eyes are still on April the Giraffe as the world awaits the arrival of her new baby.

Zoo officials say that all signs suggest April the Giraffe is at the end of her pregnancy.

Millions of people worldwide have watched the livestream video of the 15-year-old long-legged internet star waiting to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.


Her belly continues to grow and she’s become moody! That’s to be expected.

Zoo handlers will also be adding some new items into the Giraffe’s enclosure so be sure to keep an eye on the live feed.

Her appetite is not as ravenous as days prior.

April is nearing the end of the pregnancy but still no exact word on when the baby might be born.

Park officials report that April is posturing quite a bit which is keeping them on their toes!

Check out this post by zoo keepers showing the baby being active and ‘sticking out’ of her side on Sunday.

Zoo keepers also said her calf is very active.

This will be April’s fourth calf and the first for the father, Oliver. The calf will weigh around 150 pounds and be approximately 6 feet tall at birth.

Officials say the two giraffes are doing well in their heated barn during the winter storm.