Controversial book about worshiping the devil hits Oklahoma City library shelves

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Adam Daniels noticed there wasn't any literature for those wanting the worship the devil, or Ahriman.

So, he decided to take charge and be the first to write about it.

“They're no longer worshiping what most people consider God, but they're actually worshiping what people consider the Devil, but they don't understand what the devil is. And what the devil is, is a spirit of anguish,” said Daniels.

Daniels says his book, Ahrimani Enlightenment, teaches readers about how to pray and worship.

And now, you can check out the book in the Oklahoma City Metro Library if you'd like to learn the specifics.

"What are prayers? Prayers are programming the self-conscience mind. So we're reprogramming to remove the aspect of God and bring in the Devil,” Daniels said.

The book is located in the religious section of the library. An area that doesn't sit too well with some local pastors.

“There's just some things that I believe are, go beyond the normal kinds of things that we really need to be allowing access for,” said Pastor Steve Kern.

Pastor Kern says he hopes enough people can call the city to get the book pulled.

“Well if the people don't want it, the majority of people don't want it, then we need to remove it,” Kern said.

The library tell us they provide books for all readers, not just a few.

And they pride themselves on providing all kinds of literature for all types of people.

As for Daniels, he says if you don't like it, don't read it.

“Is it going to offend people? Of course, it's going to offend people. Is it meant to offend people? Well, if it offends you, I suggest getting a thicker hide,” said Daniels.

So far, the book can be found in the Northwest and Southern Oaks libraries.

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