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Deeper look into alleged ‘secret life’ of Oklahoma Sen. Shortey

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MOORE, Okla. - We are continuing to piece together the disturbing details of the accusations against Oklahoma State Sen. Ralph Shortey.

On Thursday, the Cleveland County District Attorney filed charges against the Republican senator, including engaging in child prostitution, engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church and transporting a minor for prostitution / lewdness.

According to court documents, Shortey checked into the Super 8 motel in Moore last week under his own name.

Police now allege Shortey was leading a double life, spinning up aliases online to shop for sex.

Court documents now confirm the nature of the relationship between Shortey and a 17-year-old boy.

According to the police investigation, they met about a year ago on Craigslist.

The young man told officers Shortey used the names 'Jamie Tilley' and 'Brian Tilley' during their online conversations.

They allegedly communicated on the texting app Kik.

"It's easy to do: alternate IDs, made up phone numbers to validate your information. That's all fine and good. But, if you start doing something illegal, there are ways to track you as people have found out the hard way," said social media expert Patrick Allmond.

But, in Shortey's case, perhaps he didn't even change the phone number.

NewsChannel 4 uncovered a secret Facebook page under that same alias, Brian Tilley, linked to Shortey's personal cell phone number, confirmed on the state ethics commission website.

"People are a lot more bold behind a computer screen than they are in person. So, we do things, and hide a little bit and have a little bit of anonymity, even though it's getting harder every single day," Allmond said.

Shortey also has an active legitimate presence online featuring his family and his high-profile position, including a recent pic with the president's son, Donald Trump, Jr.

So far, there was no mention on the platforms about the recent criminal accusations.