Bus driver credited with rescuing 5-year-old boy lost in the cold

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A bus driver came to the rescue of a little boy found running down the middle of a Milwaukee street. The woman's actions were captured on surveillance camera as she went out of her way to take care of the lost child.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A bus driver in Wisconsin is being credited with coming to the rescue of a little boy.

Denise Wilson was taking a break on her bus route when she heard screaming near a gas station.

“I looked over from where the sound was coming from and it was him just running up the street hollering,” Wilson told WTMJ.

A 5-year-old boy was lost in 20 degree weather without a coat or shoes.

“He was crying and I said, ‘It will be OK. Stop crying, stop crying,” she said.

Police say the little boy sneaked out of his home in the middle of the night without his parents’ knowledge. Investigators say he ran several blocks until he was found by Wilson.

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