“I’ve found snakes,” 11-year-old Oklahoma boy will clean out your storm shelter

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EDMOND, Okla. – If you’re afraid of what may be lurking in your dark storm shelter, an 11-year-old boy may be your guy.

Wyatt Cargill makes his cash by cleaning out storm shelters.

“We`re spraying everything, wiping it down,” said Wyatt as he cleaned a shelter on Friday. And his customer couldn’t be happier.

“Yeah, that`s not for me,” laughed Dana Zeigler. “And I can`t pay my own kids to do it.”

Wyatt stared his business in 2015 and has served about 150 customers so far. He’s found just about everything.

“I’ve found snakes. I’ve found dead lizards,” said Wyatt.

And during our time with him, he found a dead mouse.

“I was thinking there was one in there but luckily, I had someone get it out,” said Zeigler.

Wyatt takes pride in his job and his mother takes pride in him.

“Very, very proud,” said his mother Tiffany Cargill. “My husband and I are overjoyed at what he does and the willingness to jump down there and literally touch anything.”

Wyatt says he is saving the money from his cleaning service to fund a lawn care business.

You can reach Wyatt Cargill at 405-315-0741.

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