Oklahoma City couple honored for helping man with Alzheimer’s

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A couple was honored for helping a lost man with Alzheimer’s disease get home safely.

"I am overwhelmed with gratitude for them for what they did and I can't thank them enough,” Mary Arbuckle said.

Mary Arbuckle’s father-in-law recently gave his family a bit of a scare.

"We have cameras and we have alarms," Arbuckle explained. "I had to leave on an emergency and I tried to look at the cameras at a four-way stop, dad had pulled the camera off.”

He has Alzheimer’s disease and Arbuckle said he often tries to leave the house alone.

How he got home safely this time, is all thanks to Erick and Gabriela Ortiz.

The Ortiz's were driving in the area near Spencer and when they saw him they immediately realized he needed some help.

"He darted out the door and was walking without his walker and without a coat. Early morning, it was 32 degrees,” Deputy Kim Lopez with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said.

So, they got him inside the car and brought him to authorities who were able to get ahold of his family because of an ID bracelet on his wrist.

"When you encounter someone like that one of the first things you do is keep eye contact with them, put your hand out so they can touch you first and then look for that ID bracelet,” Lopez said.

Authorities are now honoring the couple, thanking them for a job well done.

"I'm so happy and more for him you know,” Gabriela Ortiz said.

"It just restores human kindness when these wonderful folks stopped and picked dad up,” Arbuckle told NewsChannel 4.

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