Oklahoma U.S. senator proposes bill to require government programs to become more transparent

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WASHINGTON – A U.S. senator from Oklahoma has proposed a bill that would require the federal government to be more transparent when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars on federal programs.

“The Taxpayers Right to Know Act” would require the government to make public the details, costs and performance metrics of every federal program above one million dollars.

Currently, Americans cannot see all of the programs that are paid for by their tax dollars.

“The Taxpayers Right to Know Act is a commonsense bill that pushes the federal government to be more transparent and provides the tools the American people need to access detailed information about federal programs that spend more than one million dollars in taxpayers’ dollars,” said Sen. James Lankford.

The bill would create an online database that reports financial data and performance metrics for every federal program above $1 million. The bill would require every federal agency to provide taxpayers an annual report card for all of its programs, and would require agencies to identify the number of employees and beneficiaries served by each federal program.

Lankford has proposed the measure since 2011, but it has never received a vote in the Senate.

This bill is supported by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

The House of Representatives unanimously passed its version of the act in January. Now, it heads to the full Senate.

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